I was doing absolutely nothing when I thought about creating this thing, teheheh! So, I decided to make a Mass Effect challenge although we already have a 30 day challenge of the game and a few with the same subject as this one. Feel free to do whatever you like - gifs, graphics, photosets, picspams, etc. You can do as many as you want of each category! Anything you need, just ask me! :) Keelah se’lai!

T H E  W A R  B E G I N S - A Mass Effect Challenge

1. Female Characters
2. Male Characters
3. OTPs
4. Friendships
5. Species
6. Enemies
7. Classes
8. Planets
9. Locations
10. Favorite DLC: Mass Effect
11. Favorite DLC: Mass Effect 2
12. Favorite DLC: Mass Effect 3
13. Loyalty Missions
14. Heartbreaking Moments
15. Funny Moments
16. Armors and Weapons
17. Destroy, Synthesis or Control?
18. Paragon or Renegade?
19. Powerful Quotes
20. Deaths

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